Rust never sleeps. That is why constant vigilance is needed to inspect, monitor and evaluate your assets for the effects of corrosion.

Crossbridge has invaluable experience based on years of experience in the pipeline, petro-chemical, refining and pulp & paper industries. Corrosion, in all it's forms, and points of attack, requires focused inspection and evaluation by knowledgeable professionals to prevent costly outages, shortened asset-life or even catastrophic failure. We can provide certified inspectors and technicians to provide the following valuable services to help ensure the integrity of your assets:


  • Guided Wave UT
  • Conventional UT
  • Advanced UT
  • Visual Inspection and Evaluation using API certified personnel
  • CUI investigation
  • SCC investigation
  • MIC investigation
  • NACE Coating inspection
  • Digital or conventional investigative radiography
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Other support functions