Who we are

Crossbridge Compliance is a company formed by professionals with a goal. A goal to meet the needs of clients across industry boundaries for safety, operator qualifications, rail car valve & mobile repair, quality and technical services.

Our years of experience coupled with an integrity-oriented drive provides access to a group of professionals uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

We provide the necessary expertise to navigate, interpret  and comply with the tangled web of rules and regulations our clients encounter every day. 

To be able to properly focus our efforts when needed, we are formed into six divisions, including our current subsidiaries: Safety, Operator Qualification, Rail, Technical Services, Veracity Technology Solutions, & C&R Compliance.

Each division excels at its primary service line, while as a whole, the cross-utilization of skills, knowledge and experience makes for an exciting synergy. Contact one of our leaders today to discuss your company's needs!