Our staff is committed to a seamless support for all ISN/PICS/PEC Premier needs. We are aware of the action items required to keep you compliant with your owner clients and are dedicated in achieving a fast and successful approval process. In order to satisfy these requirements, it is important that we upkeep the RAVS, T-RAVS, Insurance Documents, and all questionnaires along with any other documentation that might follow. Our staff provides services such as providing high quality, OSHA regulated safety manuals built specifically for your company and job scope. We will also be responsible for uploading this safety manual into your account in order to satisfy the RAVS section and get you compliant with all of your requesting clients. Following the RAVS, there will be a list of T-RAVS (training documents) that will mirror your manual at which we can provide the appropriate trainings to document for the above databases which allows your clients to see your safety practices. We will communicate directly with insurance companies in order to obtain any and all documents needed, including certificate of insurances (COI), experience modification rate (EMR), and any other related documents. We will create and upload all OSHA forms which will also be inputted in a questionnaire form and site tracker form depending on the company’s specifics. If you need to have an employee report ran and submitted for a particular client, we are just a phone call away. Our team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of these databases, even if we are not maintaining your account; give us a call for any issues you might be having.

  • Manuals
  • RAVS
  • T-RAVS
  • MSQ (SCQ-V)
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Document Submittal