CrossBridge Compliance is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients in multiple industry sectors with auditing specialists. We are committed to providing a non-biased audit/review to our clients by verifying compliance of services, procedures, regulations, codes and personnel. We perform these audits and reviews at our client’s facilities, job sites or at the contractor’s home location.

We provide multiple auditing applications to verify that our clients and their contractors are in Compliance. CrossBridge also provides Project Auditing, Advising and Supervising of all relative tasks on our client’s project. We serve as a “Bridge” to our clients ensuring adherence to current code requirements, specific operator procedures and to verify contractors are following their own procedures by which they have been certified thru their own company.

CrossBridge Compliance Audit Services include:

  • Rail
  • OQ 
  • Plant
  • Pipeline  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Welding
  • Coating  
  • Supplier Quality 
  • NDT In House 
  • NDT Sites 
  • NDT Projects 
  • NDT Card Certifications By Examination
  • Mechanical Integrity facility audit
  • Mechanical Integrity reports/calculations and equipment audit