With our company experiencing positive growth, and adding new service offerings to meet the demands of our clients, the company you knew as All-American Safety and Training Company has a new name: CrossBridge Compliance. The new name and logo represent an ongoing commitment of partnering with our customers by providing services that deliver solutions to their compliance needs. This change will take effect on January 26, 2015.

Although our look is changing, all aspects of our delivery of service, account management, and our business relationship remain intact with our customers. As we move forward with the name change, here are answers to questions that may be asked:

How does the name change impact me and my company?
The change of our name will not impact the level of quality service you are accustomed to by our company. You will begin seeing the new name and logo on documentation, company vehicles, clothing, invoicing and in other locations you would see our former name and logo. All management personnel, addresses and phone numbers will remain the same. Email’s will still reach your company contact through the AAST email address and will transition into the new email address for each CrossBridge Compliance employee.

Why change the company name?
With our previous name, All-American Safety and Training, our primary services were safety training, safety inspection and Operator Qualifications (OQ). With the new service offerings of railcar inspection, third party consulting and inspection, and auditing, CrossBridge Compliance will provide a more diverse line of services to our customers in order to meet all of their Compliance needs and requirements.

Our new logo also represents an accurate perspective of our values which are to provide Safety, Quality, Integrity and Partnership in the commitment for our customers by being a “Bridge” in helping them meet their Compliance needs.

The name change also allows us to establish our own identity. We are maintaining the same management and personnel that have been servicing our clients since 2011 but we are no longer connected to previous ownership or sister companies.

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